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Five different sporting organisations preparing to spring back into action once pandemic restrictions are lifted, have been given a cash boost by the Leighton-Linslade Sports Council.
The  Sports Council, a grass-roots organisation which for over 50 years has helped a wide variety of sporting activities in the community to grow, develop and flourish, is funded by the Town Council.
In the latest batch of awards, rugby, football, swimming, running and tennis clubs serving the local community are to receive a total of more than £2,000, most of which will be spent on coaching and teaching courses.
 Leighton Fun Runners have been awarded £500 to help ensure the club has sufficient trained members to head-up club runs post Covid and to support an England Athletics ‘Couch to 5K” programme;
Linslade Crusaders Swimming Club is also to receive a £500 grant towards the cost of a teaching course which will enable one of their volunteers to achieve Level 2 qualifications to deliver a safe and appropriate swimming programme in accordance with Swim England guidelines and practices;
 Leighton Park Rangers football club has been awarded £480 to enable one of their club coaches to complete their Level 2 accreditation as the club progresses to achieve community development status;
Leighton Rugby  club has been awarded £450 to enable the clubs’ junior coaches start on a rugby licensing pathway.   The course and related activities will ensure all coaches will have training in coaching children in the Under 8’s and Under 12’s “mini section” of the club, which will also be financing the courses along with the RFU;
 Linslade Tennis Club has been awarded £191 for specialist equipment for junior coaching and assist children with learning difficulties.
Sporting groups in the area are being encouraged to join the Sports Council to “have their voice heard”. Making grants for equipment, coaching and other sporting needs, the Sports Council is the “ears and eyes” of the town’s sporting community, helping influence the decision makers to ensure Leighton, Linslade and  neighbouring villages get the support needed from advice given by people with hands-on experience.