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LLDSC Grant Aid Form

The Grant Aid Scheme provides LLSC non-profit making members access to low level funding to support local projects, initiatives and training that will benefit sport in the district.

To be eligible to apply there are minimum requirements of:
(a) the home organisation or club having been affiliated to the Council for a minimum of six months;

(b) a representative of the home organisation or club having attended at least two Council meetings in the previous 12 months; and

(c) is not in continued default with providing proof of previous authorised expenditurewithin the timescales required by the time of consideration or payment of the award.

Any organisation or club which is a member of the Leighton Linslade and District SportsCouncil and meets the eligibility criteria may apply for grant aid.

Individuals may apply for grant aid provided:
(a) they are a member of an affiliated organisation or club which meets the eligibility criteria;

(b) they have been a member of that organisation or club for a minimum of 6 months;and

(c) they are a resident of Leighton Linslade or the neighbouring districts.

The Council shall only consider an application from an individual who is not a member of an affiliated organisation or club, or has not been a member for 6 months, in exceptional circumstances.


  • Application close 1 week prior to the Grant meeting
  • Only non capital expenditure applications will be considered
  • Two applications (club or club member) can be made in any one membership year (1st May to 30th April)
  • Awards will be made to the maximum of 75% of the overall application
  • Details of project, initiative training etc including expected expenditure evidenced with estimates, course outlines and fees, should be included with the application
  • By submitting an application the club agree to take responsibility to administer the grant and provide proof of expenditure
  • Cheques will be made payable to the club not individuals
  • Award must be spent within 12 months or repaid
  • Proof of expenditure must be provide within 12 months of the award or repaid

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  1. Applications from individuals should be supported by a counter-signature from an authorised representative from the appropriate club or organisation
  2. Please enclose copies of estimates etc or course application or competition details or a link to this information
  3. The cheque will be made payable to the club or association, who are then responsible for the monies and provision of proof of the authorised expenditure within 12 months in accordance with the rules of the scheme or repayment within the same timescales