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Ladies Touch Rugby

It’s that time of year where you start to feel that you should be getting fitter and summer ready. After years of running, swimming, HIIT and using the gym I felt like trying something new and exciting.

Luckily I learnt that the local rugby club were offering free training sessions for Women’s touch (non contact) rugby. I’ve always enjoyed watching rugby and this fired some much needed enthusiasm to the idea of getting fit again. I only needed a pair of trainers/rugby boots, a bottle of water and a smile to join in!

Better still anyone can play, regardless of their ability, so my starting level of fitness wasn’t a barrier to joining in. It’s a social form of team exercise where you can train with current friends and quickly make new friends. Personally for me the attraction of getting out in the elements to train alongside only other women appealed the most.

Not knowing much about rugby isn’t an issue either. Touch rugby is a bit like netball. It’s all about evasion, handling and passing in to space. Its fast, fun and it brings mental stimulation that I didn’t expect. The players currently range in age from 13 – 40s and they are extremely welcoming. Why don’t you give it a try?

To learn more about Touch Rugby:

Leighton Buzzard Rugby Football Club, LU7 9HR, offer Women’s Touch Rugby for free (until Sept’19) to anyone over 13 years of age every Tuesday 7-8pm.