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Download Copy of LLDSC Constitution 2018

Leighton Linslade and District Sports Council


   Leighton Linslade and District Sports Council Constitution.  First adopted on 26th April 1967. Amended June 2007, 13th June 2016, 25th June 2018, 16th

October 2018.


  1. Name.

The Name of the Council shall be the” Leighton Linslade and District Sports Council” (hereinafter called the Council).


  1. Objectives.

The objectives of the Council shall be to serve the urban district of Leighton Linslade and the neighbouring districts with a communal interest by:

  1. a) constantly examining the available sports facilities within the districts in relationship to current needs and to make recommendations to the Leighton Linslade Town Council, Central Beds Council, Beds County Council or such other local authority as may be established from time to time within the area covered by the Council for the purpose of helping such authorities with their planning to meet the needs of the residents of those districts.
  2. b) receiving and considering reports and recommendations from local clubs and organisations on all matters concerning recreational sport within the districts and to take any appropriate action arising therefrom.
  3. c) encouraging residents of all ages within the districts to participate or assist in sport.


  1. Affiliation to the Council.

All clubs and organisations directly concerned with physical recreation within Leighton Linslade and the neighbouring districts are to be encouraged to apply for affiliation, which is renewable annually.  Clubs affiliated to the Council agree to abide by the rules of the Council and the Council retains the right to reject any applications for affiliation if in its opinion there are reasonable grounds for doing so.

  1. Membership to the Council.

The under mentioned shall be deemed to be voting members of the Council

  1. a) One representative of each club or organisation affiliated to the Council.
  2. b) Two members of Leighton Linslade Town Council
  1. Officers of the Council.

The Officers of the Council shall be:

  1. a) Chairman.
  2. b) Treasurer.
  3. c) Secretary.

The position of Chairman shall be elected on an annual basis.

The positions of Treasurer and Secretary shall be for a 3 year renewable term, or such other reduced period as the office holder is prepared to act.

All elections shall be either at the AGM or, under special circumstances (such as the position becoming vacant during the year), at an EGM

If any Officer, at time of election, is a club representative member of the Council their club or organisation shall be entitled to appoint a further member/representative as a Council member.

  1. Finance.
  2. a) The Council’s financial year shall run from the 1st April in each year to the 31st March the following year.
  3. b) The Treasurer, who shall be responsible for advising the Council on all financial matters affecting the Council’s activities, shall keep proper books of accounts.
  4. c) Monies received on behalf of the Council shall be paid into a bank/building society account in the name the Council at a bank/building society approved by the Council.
  5. d) All affiliated organisations shall be required to pay such fees as the Council may from time to time determine
  6. e) The Treasurer and either the Chairman, Secretary or another Council member shall sign all cheques drawn against the Council’s account.
  7. f) The Council may authorise expenditure out of the Council’s funds for the furtherance of the objectives of the Council
  8. g) A statement of accounts of the preceding financial year shall be presented to the Council at the Annual General Meeting.
  9. h) The officers and members of the Council shall not be remunerated for pursuing the work of the Council; however the Council may consider reimbursing expenses incurred in the furtherance of such office.
  10. j) The Council shall be entitled to authorise payment for work done for the Committee which would otherwise have to be paid for (e.g. website work) provided it is previously authorised by the Council and is notified to Leighton Linslade Town Council in advance.
  1. Meetings.
  2. a) There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Council to be held in the Month of May or June
  3. b) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Council on receipt of a request in writing from at least five Council members
  4. c) The Council shall meet when necessary to further the Council’s aims, but not less than four times a year.
  1. Notice of Meetings.

The secretary shall convene meetings in writing, together with an agenda and minutes of the previous meeting. The amount of notice for each meeting shall be;

Annual General Meeting                           28 days

General Meeting of the Council                  14 days

Extraordinary General Meeting                  21 days

  1. Quorum.

The Quorum of the Council shall be one quarter of the membership entitled to attend.