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Buzzards Rugby at Buckingham festival

u7Under 9s
The Under 9’s went out for their first games playing contact rugby with 7 players on the field, a very different game from last seasons 5 a side tag rugby. They’d trained hard from the beginning and the coaches had them well prepared.
The boys started their first game a little nervously with the prospect of tackling and being tackled by players that aren’t their friends and squad members appearing a little daunting.  Each of them got their turn to lose the nervousness as the game progressed and by the end of it, they looked like they’d been playing contact for more than 4 weeks.
With 2.5 teams playing there were plenty of games – 2 Buzzards teams and the other played as part of a Barbarians squad combined with players from Buckingham.
Score lines were variable with plenty of tries scored for and against teams.  There was one game in the middle of the tournament that was better off forgotten and after a team talk from the coach, it was. A stronger and focussed team came back for the next game and they played with great determination for the rest of the tournament.  There were a number of impressive tackles from Buzzards and against with one Buzzards player being catapulted into touch.  In true rugby style he got up, brushed himself down and went in for the next tackle.
Even the parents had obviously been in training for cheering the squad on and took great delight in supporting the boys playing – even causing the opposition’s coach to move from in front of them at one point.
All of the boys did themselves proud and it’s looking good for the season ahead.
Thanks to Andie, Gareth, David, Jamie, Kai and Lucy for everything you’re doing for the boys.
U7s Bucks Festival 6th October 2019
What a great tournament at Buckingham RFC. The sun was shining and everybody in the u7s had a
smile on their face and were ready to take on every opponent.
This was their first competitive set of matches after 5 weeks of training and I’m pleased to say they
didn’t disappoint and have obviously listened to most of what myself and other coaches have told
them. There was a lot of great tagging and passing although if I have to shout run forward much
more I think my voice would go completely. A really good number of tries were scored and I think
most players got at least one which could be costly for some parents.
At the end each player got a medal and this can be added to all they will collect at all the festivals.
There was also an extra award of a “ Game Changer”, this was given to a player who followed TREDS
and showed skill and determination throughout the games. It was a really difficult decision as
everybody had done so well. After a long think we all decided that Ben Bailey in team A and Seb
Fitzboydon in team B were the worthy winners and each received a t shirt. If this play and enjoyment
continues through the rest of the season it should be a great few weeks.