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Sports Council

Founded more than half a century ago, Leighton-Linslade Sports Council is truly a grass-roots organisation helping a wide variety of sporting activities in the community to grow, develop and flourish.
Totally funded by the Town Council, the independently managed Sports Council currently represents 16 different sporting activities embracing athletics, football, rugby, canoe, hockey, cricket, croquet, golf, tennis, cycling, triathlon, and  swimming, with the most recent activity being American Flag football, which is proving to be a very popular recreational activity.
Whilst its prime role over the past has been to award grants to affiliated member sports on behalf of the Town Council, in an ever-growing community, the need to maintain a watchful eye over ever-changing recreational needs has never been more apparent.  And because its members are fully involved in sports at grass roots level, the Sports Council is very much the ears and eyes of the community, able to provide advice and guidance to Town, District and County authorities based on hands-on experience.
So while continuing to make modest grants for equipment, coaching and other sporting needs, the Sports Council is also focusing on:
Promotion – to encourage and increase sporting activities in the community.
Influence –  utilise its hands-on experience to influence all local authorities to support Leighton and Linslade recreational needs.
Educate – to offer sports related educational opportunities.
To achieve that, Leighton-Linslade Sports Council wants to work with our Town and Central Bedfordshire authorities on a Sport and Leisure strategy; work with all clubs develop a ‘Community Sports Hub’ in Leighton-Linslade; work with partners to promote sport in schools and clubs across the district, and work with members and partners to improve what we already have.

Date of Meetings

The next meetings of the council will be in the events section of this webiste, listed below and advertised on Facebook and Twitter.